Beijing Project: Train-the-Trainers (TTT)

  • Recruit and train volunteers to serve migrant children in the Resilience and Pathfinding Programs
  • Train local youth workers and promote local volunteerism and youth work culture
  • Ensure the localization and sustainability of intervention programs

Program Description

Volunteers are recruited every year from the community and from various colleges (particularly from their social work departments) in Beijing to become “Volunteer Trainers”. They commit to receive relevant training and participate in our RES&PAF programs at the migrant schools under the supervision of our "Senior Trainers". Upon the successful completion of one year of service and training, they receive a certificate and become qualified to serve as group leaders or Senior Trainers in the future. In a typical year, we provide 137 training hours for the trainers and 110 training hours for the assistant trainers. Training includes workshops as well as intensive training camps.

The training curriculum includes:

  • Introduction of the Student Day Camps, RES&PAF program details;
  • Small group leadership and debriefing skills;
  • Teaching demonstration and practice;
  • Feedbacks on past experience;
  • Sharing for personal and team growth;
  • Team Building;
  • Regular group training and guidance;
  • On-site training: Volunteer Trainers will have practicum opportunities through the RES&PAF programs at migrant schools.

Sharings by Volunteers

“The migrant students in Beijing have ‘dual-identities’ – isn’t it the same with me?”

“I consider this program to have helped me when I was greatly confused, and have pointed me towards a direction in my future life journey.”

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