Our Partners


  • Sichuan University West China Hospital
  • Sichuan Province Health Information Center
  • Cisco Systems, Inc. (Connecting Sichuan Program)
  • Hong Kong Nethersole Charity Foundation
  • Beichuan Workstation, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Science
  • Dujiangyan Yutangzhen Health Center
  • Beichuan Qiang Ethnic Autonomous County Leiguzhen Shengli Village
  • Beichuan Qiang Ethnic Autonomous County Leiguzhen Primary School
  • Sichuan Province Beichuan High School
  • Sichuan Province Shifang Hongbaizhen Health Center
  • Sichuan Province Shifang Hongbaizhen Primary School
  • Yellow House (Social Services Organization)
  • Dr. Atle Dyregrov (The Children and War Foundation)
  • Overseas, Hong Kong and Sichuan experienced psychological counselors, psychiatrists and social work professionals


  • East China Normal University
  • Shanghai Ai De Jiao Yu