Sichuan Project: Our Partners

  1. Sichuan University West China Hospital
  2. Sichuan Province Health Information Center
  3. Cisco Systems, Inc. (Connecting Sichuan Program)
  4. Hong Kong Nethersole Charity Foundation
  5. Beichuan Workstation, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Science
  6. Dujiangyan Yutangzhen Health Center
  7. Beichuan Qiang Ethnic Autonomous County Leiguzhen Shengli Village
  8. Beichuan Qiang Ethnic Autonomous County Leiguzhen Primary School
  9. Sichuan Province Beichuan High School
  10. Sichuan Province Shifang Hongbaizhen Health Center
  11. Sichuan Province Shifang Hongbaizhen Primary School
  12. Yellow House (Social Services Organization)
  13. Dr. Atle Dyregrov (The Children and War Foundation)
  14. Overseas, Hong Kong and Sichuan experienced psychological counselors, psychiatrists and social work professionals