Sichuan Project: Post-Disaster Psychological Rehabilitation Training and Service Program


Between July and December 2008, immediately after the earthquake, The Youth Foundation supported Sichuan University West China Hospital providing training on knowledge and skills of post-disaster counseling for more than 130 frontline workers. In order for victims to receive proper psychological rehabilitation, The Youth Foundation and West China Hospital commenced the “Post-Disaster Psychological Rehabilitation Training and Service Program” and sent one staff to oversee the rehabilitation service in five demonstration points which were Dujianyan Yutangzhen, Beichuan Leiguzhen, Shifang Hongbaizhen, Wenchuan Yingxiuzhen and Mianzhu Xinanzhen. The Youth Foundation believes that the rehabilitation should not merely be about knowledge and skills, but, more importantly, it is all about the victims receiving proper care. Therefore, The Youth Foundation recruits many full-time and part-time counselors, social workers and medical workers stationing at the demonstration points or regularly visiting to support the victims in the days of recovery. These people, at holistic health centers, medical centers and schools, provide professional counseling, psychiatric treatment, rehabilitation group, community care, holistic health education workgroups or workshops, and many other programs. The steady and continuous support not only gives the victims effective and proper care, but also let them know that perseverance in the face of adversity is worthwhile. They would not be forgotten because such support from far is real and enduring.


Post-Disaster Psychological Rehabilitation

  • Demonstration Points
    • Dujianyan Yutangzhen
    • Beichuan Leiguzhen
    • Shifang Hongbaizhen
    • Wenchuan Yingxiuzhen
    • Mianzhu Xinanzhen


Post-Disaster Psychological Rehabilitation Training

  • Post-Disaster Psychological Rehabilitation Training Program
    • The Youth Foundation supported Sichuan University West China Hospital providing a six-month Post-Disaster Psychological Rehabilitation Training Program between July and December 2008 for more than 130 frontline workers with knowledge and skills of post-disaster counseling. These workers not only could serve the victims more effectively but also they could provide such training for other workers locally.
  • Volunteer and Staff Training
    • As the service support system focusing on specific needs in the disaster areas, The Youth Foundation regularly provided training for volunteers and staff in the forms of seminars, on-site training and case study. The Youth Foundation aims to enhance their knowledge and skills, motivate them and resolve their online issues so that they can serve the victims even better than before.
  • Community Care Training
    • In the beginning of 2009, The Youth Foundation invited Ms. Paula Choy to commence the community health training and service program in Sichuan. Ms. Choy, who is a former senior medical care director, training professional and community care consultant of Beijing Ministry of Health, have twelve years of valuable experience in successful development of community health program in Qingyuan, Guangdong, and support of community health work in other parts of China. From February to December, 2009, more than 20 volunteering medical professionals from Hong Kong and 14 volunteering nursing professionals from Guangzhou and Qingyuan participated in ten visiting trips for this program.
  • Latest Development
    • In the very beginning the program must be executed and developed on a step-by-step basis. As a result, the actual progress is slower than expected. In review of the budgeted outcome of “Trust Fund in Support of Reconstruction in the Sichuan Earthquake Stricken Areas”, the HKSAR Government agreed and approved to extend the deadline from December 30, 2011 to September 30, 2012, for the program. Both West China Hospital and The Youth Foundation are expected to continue the program to achieve the agreed targets of Phase Two.
    • Main targets:
      1. Fully implement the training of 5-level hospital.
      2. Provide psychological rehabilitation training and service in cooperation with medical and educational units in local Sichuan community.
      3. Explore and establish mental rehabilitation model for urban or rural pilot areas.
      4. Consolidate the experience and the information from publication, video reports and international exchange seminars, to become a national database for post-disaster rehabilitation and community reconstruction.