A power called ''love'' binds them together.

    - Li Ya Shan (Participant of Phase I of the Resilience and Path-Finding Programs)

2010 has come to an end, and I have parted from the "Blessing Bat of the City" program for half a year! A few weeks ago, I went to the program office and all the teachers were there. I was particularly pleased to see them again. The lovely team was is still as warm and friendly as ever, because a power called ‘love’ binds them together. They whole-heartedly pass that love on to each student in the program, and teach us to remember our slogan “grow together, fly high against adversity” on our future paths! Because I always feel this love and bring this sense of gratitude along with me, so it is as if the program is always by our sides. It did not leave us at the conclusion of our training activities.

I am already a college student, walking inside the campus of Renmin University. I thank the teachers who supported my choice of "zikao" (self-study for college degree) in my last semester of high school. The path-finding program came at just the right time, and I believe that every participant benefited greatly. After I enter university, I suddenly feel that I have grown up. New environment, new experiences, new friends, many new things are challenging me. Since I have participated in the Resilience and Path-finding program, and have some preparation learning on how to face good times and bad, I am better equipped than my peers in coming with reasonable solutions to deal with problems. When I was in high school, living in one big group every day, there was not as much conflicts in each circle of friends. Back then, we only had to face the simplest issues, so we did not experience many of the lessons provided by the program. But now, whenever I face problems in positive ways, I am always thankful that what I learned in the program is put into practice.

Therefore I thank the program. Thank you, teachers, thank you for becoming the best mentors to us during the most important period of our growth, and teaching us a lot of practical knowledge. Thank you for all your hard work!

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