Our Objectives

Founded in 1999, The Youth Foundation (“The Foundation”) believes that "there is a leader in every young person”. With the main pillars of media and interpersonal ministries, The Foundation aims to promote the “life education” primarily of young people and youth workers in China through training and exchange programs, research, and other programs. The Foundation is a Hong Kong registered non-profit-making charitable organization that builds upon Breakthrough’s* 40 years of youth service. The Foundation brings different resources and efforts together to create more opportunities for empowering youth and developing their potential.

*Breakthrough is a youth organization founded on Christian faith.  Through media and interpersonal contacts, we inspire our young generation to reflect and seek the meaning of life, enhance their self-understanding and actualize their dreams.  We guide them in becoming mutually supportive, caring for our society, living out positive values and practicing love and justice in life.


Our Approach

The Youth Foundation promotes youth work through three different approaches: training, research and collaboration.

  • Training: The Foundation gathers professionals in youth work from different places to train the youth workers in China, enhance youth workers’ competence, and broaden youth workers’ perspectives.
  • Research: Through action research cases, The Foundation builds a feasible, sustainable, and promotional service model of youth’s holistic development that can be used for reference by governments and other public interests organizations.
  • Collaboration: The Foundation partners with universities in China and youth work professionals and organizations from local and overseas to conduct research, organize trainings, and publish books and teaching materials, as well as other various programs.


Our Challenges

Over the last 15 years, The Foundation has discovered and tackled several significant challenges facing the youth of China in their development.  These needs are also the challenges in the work of The Foundation in China:

  1. Life education: In response to growing concerns regarding the new Chinese generation’s life attribute development, The Foundation is committed to supporting the youth in enhancing their psychological attributes, leadership qualities, and values of life. 
  2. Resilience and path-finding of migrant children: Migrant children face the challenge of adapting to the urban environment.  The Foundation is committed to building migrant children’s resilience and productivity so they will become the source of power in building not only their own future, but also the culture of a harmonious urban society.
  3. Schools of holistic health: To tackle various pressures experienced by the youth from education reforms, severe academic competition, career planning, migrant uprooting, and unexpected disasters, The Foundation builds the culture of holistic health development.  Together with the joint effort of teachers, parents and students, The Foundation enables the next generation to development holistically: physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

Our Collaboration

  1. Training of youth workers
  • Through training programs, action research, exchange camps in Hong Kong, China and other overseas cities, The Foundation trains Chinese youth workers with the mission of holistic youth development.
  1. Youth holistic development
  • Beijing: Explore a scalable, research-based intervention model for migrant students and their families which can be adopted at both the NGO and governmental levels. 
  • Shanghai: Set up the Research and Training Center to support local youth workers training and research.
  • Sichuan: Develop a model for community rehabilitation and school projects
  1. Training of youth leaders
  • Support Breakthrough’s youth leaders training locally, overseas, and in China.
  1. Life Education
  • Publish various training content in print, audio, video, and online materials.



1999 The Youth Foundation was founded as a non-profit-making charitable organization.
2002 Began to sponsor Breakthrough for Leadership Academy (LA).
2003 Set up The Youth Foundation (Shanghai) Office and signed partnership agreement of “School-based Counseling Training” with East China Normal University to implement- counseling training.
2007 Sponsored East China Normal University to set up the Research and Training Center For Youth Education in Mental Health.
2008 Established Beijing Steering Committee to commence “Beijing Migrant Children Holistic Development Project” and set up the Beijing Project Office.
  Sponsored by Hong Kong SAR Government‘s “Trust Fund in Support of Reconstruction in the Sichuan Earthquake Stricken Areas” (“Sichuan Trust Fund”), commenced “Sichuan Psychological Rehabilitation Training and Service Program” and set up the Sichuan Project Office.
2009 Once more sponsored by the “Sichuan Trust Fund” to commence “Health Presence Network System in Support of Sichuan Rehabilitation Work” Project.
  Commenced the Mental Health in Schools Project and signed partnership agreement with Institute of Psychology of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Beichuan High School.
2010 Hosted “Beijing Migrant Children Holistic Development Project” Phase I convocation and “Financial Asset Building” Commencement Ceremony.
2011 Jointly published life education books with East China Normal University Press.