A Letter to Me

    - Zhang Qing

My Dear:

After all this long while, I really treasure this opportunity which I can quietly hear my inner voice, simply have sincere and wonderful interaction with our companion, and intently participate in every activity merely because this is a true heart-to-heart meeting.

Together we read "The Knight in Rusty Armor", and surprisingly found everyone has his or her own armor. If we habitually thought we were those "armored knights", we must try to put down our armor in order to discover our true selves.

Together we spent two starry nights knowing each other and felt the sincerity of our companionship. We were influenced, touched and encouraged by each other. We could be like this for each other.

Together we found our life story. Along the way, there were so much memories of green little grass in crevice, unknown little flowers, great tall trees, and long stretches of moss. Somewhat we looked like them such that we enjoyed both sunshine and raindrops, and we grew with grateful hearts to become ordinary yet unique persons.

Unlike me from the past, I discovered "you" in our companionship in those two days and nights.

I discovered "you" from the appreciation of others. "You" were calmer, more relaxed, and savvier than me. I actually started to appreciate you while I was continuously learning and practicing.

At dawn I discovered "you". In the early morning when the sun shone on my shoulder and I listened to mentors’ life stories, I felt "you" were touched and astonished. Together we were delighted and grateful by the dawn. I felt "your" warmth and strength within me.

Under the sun, I discovered "your" great smile. Your smile was much brighter and more openhearted than mine. I have discovered "your" persistence and confidence, which were true beauties to me.

During the meeting, I discovered "you" were on your way where "you" had faith and calling in youth work. When I looked at "you", I was proud of "you".

My dear, I am "you", and "you’ are me. Yet I have played more roles than you in reality. When we spend in our quiet time with each other, we can meet and talk again.

I truly look forward to seeing you next time.

Best wishes.

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