I have learned to be even more determined about my dreams when I face obstacles.

    - Fu Rong (Participant of Phase I of the Resilience and Path-Finding Programs)

Time flew - from a high school student, I have turned into a college student and begun my "zikao" (self-studying for college) life. What helped me found my life path at this critical moment was the Resilience and Path-finding program that I participated in grade 12.

Ever since entering senior high, every classmate beside me was worrying about their future after graduation. I was also worrying. The first time I came across the term "zikao" was when I was in grade 12. I was very confused then – I have already passed up on the path to return home to study, and I cannot take the college entrance examination in Beijing, what am I to do? This problem keeps bothering me! At this helpless moment, all of a sudden a group of people appeared: they were all volunteers, showing up every Sunday afternoon at the activity room of our school. And every time they showed up we got something out of it. Because of their commitment, the teachers passed to us their love and showed us the directions in our confused life paths. The slogan of "Grow together, fly high against adversity" still echoes in my mind.

At that time when I could not even thoroughly understand all the wisdom from the lessons, but now as I face a new environment, I realized the outside world was not as beautiful as I had imagined. Because I participated in the Resilience and Path-finding program, I have learned to be even more determined about my dreams when I face obstacles. "Zikao" is a learning journey that tests one''s willpower. I believe that as long as my heart does not shake, I would persist all the way! I thank the teachers who worked hard for us: your guidance helped us see the future and walk the right paths. Thank you!

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